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Part-time Schedule Options

Futures Academy also welcomes part-time students who want to take courses for credit. Students can accelerate and take advanced coursework, make up a course, or take a course for credit recovery or grade remediation. Whether full-time or part-time, Futures students receive one-to-one instruction and can get involved in campus activities. With one-to-one instruction, students engage, learn at their own pace, and feel successful in school. Choose from over 170 courses including AP, UC, CSU and NCAA approved courses.

Grade Remediation

Grade Remediation and Credit Recovery

Get back on track with grades, credits and educational goals. Students can transfer back credits to their home school. By taking advantage of Future's one-to-one model, coursework students struggled with in a crowded classroom become approachable. Our teachers tailor instruction to meet the needs of each student and transform their experience from one of defeat and frustration to mastery and academic success. Remediating a class with Futures Academy not only allows students to improve their GPA through a particular grade remediation, but also re-teaches foundational concepts that prepare them to be successful as they return to their home school.

Advanced coursework

Accelerate and Advance

Futures Academy offers a variety of AP and Honors courses that provide students with the opportunity to challenge him or herself academically. If your home school is not offering the level of rigor appropriate for your student, Futures is the solution. Enhance your transcript by taking an AP or Honors class with one-to-one instruction. Through this personalized approach, students are challenged to extend their learning and tackle concepts and topics beyond what is typically taught in a traditional advanced class. By partnering with Futures to meet academic goals, students set themselves apart during the college application process and are better prepared to thrive in the higher-education context.

Futures Academy has more than 30 years experience helping students achieve educational success.


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My son has taken foreign language courses (pre-pandemic) and has just completed Chemistry (during pandemic). All I can say is, regardless of the circumstances, the educators and administrative staff provide the most comprehensive, challenging and supportive academic environment for my son. He was engaged and motivated to put the work in to succeed. We couldn't have asked for a better experience.
- Alison K.
Futures Parent