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Welcome to Futures Academy, Online Campus!

At Futures Academy, we offer 100% live online one-to-one instruction. Through live one-student, one-teacher virtual classrooms, our instructors work face-to-face with your student(s) to meet their academic needs, and to help them stay on track and succeed in school. We also provide ample opportunities for much needed social engagement through virtual clubs, virtual field trips and homework support - all from the comfort and safety of your home.

With our one-to-one instruction model, students engage with their teachers and are encouraged to ask questions, discuss answers, and learn to think critically. Teachers quickly uncover each student’s strengths and challenges, and tailor instruction to their individual needs and interests.

It gives us great pleasure to watch students fully blossom at Futures when they are not weighed down by the pressures that can exist in traditional classrooms. In school, your child should have the opportunity to build in his or her own abilities and accomplishments, and to know he or she is the only priority in the classroom. This is what we offer you at Futures Academy. We invite you to visit our Online campus virtually and experience the Futures difference first hand.  


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At Futures Academy, we know it’s important for your child to find a school where they can “fit in” and succeed academically and socially. Call us and take a tour of our campus and see the 1:1 classroom and check out the Hangout, the Lab, the Study and more. Schedule a virtual campus tour today and speak to the Campus Director, teachers and staff!

Futures Academy Online Campus

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